Halal Ethics

As Halal is crucial for our Muslim consumers, quality, food safety, halal guidelines and hygiene are our main priorities for the production of our halal products. In order to safeguard and guarantee the quality and halal guidelines/dignities of our halal products, our products are audited and certified regularly by authorized and Islamic halal organisation. The assess whether our meat products have been produced in accordance with the relevant halal guidelines.

All this is to realize our ambition: The best quality halal meat products for our customers worldwide.

Animal welfare and the Islam go hand in hand.

After all, the Koran states that Allah has entrusted the care and welfare of animals to humans and that man therefore has treat animals fairly. That’s why we also check if the suppliers of our ingredients operate in accordance with Islamic guidelines, including those related to animal welfare and halal slaughter.

Islam places a lot of importance on sustainability. For this reason, we feel it is important to have a respectful attitude towards nature and the environment.

The halal organisations that inspect our products are:

  • Halal Quality Control (HQC)
  • Halal Europe Certification
  • Islamisches Zentrum Aachen